Patrick Cox

Ogden Program Manager

Office: (385) 263-1600 x304

Patrick is a Program Manager at USARA, where he oversees staff, meets with community partners, and helps implement community responses to substance use issues. He has been in long-term recovery for 30 years and wishes to help others navigate their personal recovery path.

Patrick has over 30 years of experience providing a range of services for mental health and substance use in a variety of roles including residential aid, case manager, and therapist. He retired from a public mental health authority in 2015 after working two jobs for most of his adult life. Now that he works only one job, he has more time to enjoy his family and hopefully help others in a more effective way.

Patrick enjoys watching his children perform and participate in their passions. Listening to music is his go-to self-care tool. He previously enjoyed riding motorcycles for over 35 years but has since shifted to enjoying the open air in a Jeep. If you find yourself driving past him in a Jeep you will surely get the ‘Jeep Wave!’

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