Mitchel Staheli

Finance Director

Office: (385) 210-0320 x117

Mitchel Staheli has been in long-term recovery since November 2016 and is USARA’s Finance Director, where he’s able to align his professional expertise with his personal commitment to recovery. Mitchel credits USARA’s support services as playing a vital role in being able to build a strong foundation for his recovery.

Mitchel holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Western Governors University and is dedicated to his personal growth. USARA has provided him with a platform to not only apply his professional skills but to also support and advocate for others on their recovery journey. Originally a member of the Addiction Recovery Coalition (ARC), then the ARCHES team, the stars aligned when he was hired on as the Finance Director and enabling him to contribute significantly to USARA’s financial management and furthering the organization’s impact in the community. His connection to USARA is deeply rooted in a shared purpose and a desire to make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals affected by substance use disorders.

Mitchel enjoys spending time with his family and takes pride in being a present father, whether that means cheering his children on during extracurricular activities or camping and exploring new places together. He also finds fulfillment in tackling home improvement projects or engaging in entrepreneurial endeavors to channel his creativity and problem-solving skills into tangible outcomes.

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