Lanette Denton

Peer Recovery Coach

Office: (435) 612-2300 x251

Lanette is a Peer Recovery Coach serving Southeastern Utah and has been in long term recovery since 2014. After entering into the recovery court program, she became a part of the USARA family as a participant. She attended events and volunteered every chance she could get which gave her a sense of belonging and purpose as she worked hard to rediscover herself. This eventually led to her employment with USARA in 2017.

Lanette works diligently in her community to help raise awareness around stigma, positive language, overdose, harm reduction, and available resources while celebrating others and creating social events and activities.

Recovery is the most important thing in Lanetteā€™s life because it enables her to maintain the things that are most important to her such as her family, a safe and stable home, traveling and exploring new places, gardening, and showing up for a job she loves. Her job not only allows her room for helping others but a space where she can learn and continue to grow as an individual.

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