Jennifer Slack

Family Support Facilitator


Jennifer is a Family Support Facilitator at USARA, where she and her husband co-facilitate an in-person/online hybrid group every Wednesday. She is also the Family Support Newsletter Editor. When one of her children was struggling with SUD and mental health challenges, she learned about the CRAFT model from Dr. Robert Meyer’s book “How to Get Your Loved One Sober, Alternatives to Nagging, Pleading, and Threatening.” Shortly after, she discovered USARA’s CRAFT Family Support groups that she and her husband began attending in her community.

Prior to CRAFT, Jennifer had been living in fear and constant stress and not really living her own life because she was so hyper-focused on the choices of her loved one. As she and her husband continued to practice the “alternatives,” and was diligent in her self-care, their family relationships improved, stress was reduced, and they celebrated as their loved one figured out what works best for him in his journey of recovery. Her loved one later told her, “My life started getting better after those books showed up in our house.”

Jennifer holds a BFA with an emphasis in sculpture from Brigham Young University and was a stay-at-home mom to her four children for 27 years. Through her self-care, she became an accredited mindfulness teacher through Breathworks in 2022. She loves dates with her husband, time with family, creating art in a variety of mediums, practicing and teaching mindfulness, and riding her recumbent e-trike.

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