Haliegh Current

Americorps Housing Navigator

Office: (385) 210-0320 x104
Email: haliegh.current@utahrecovers.org

Haliegh is a person in long-term recovery and looks forward to helping make changes within our community. Her (serious) recovery journey began in 2016. Her involvement with USARA began as a participant of the peer support and ARCHES teams. It then evolved to volunteering at the front desk and with the Peer Advisory Council. Through her volunteering, she helped with many community events, especially Recovery Day. USARA’s Family Fun Nights were also a huge part of her family based recovery. Haliegh has always wanted to give back in the ways that changed her life and USARA and its many programs were a huge part of that community. For her, USARA was a game changer for her recovery. She is excited to be able to share that with others!

Haliegh has a lot of lived experience with not only USARA’s programs, but also with many of the resources that we connect our participants to. VOA, SUPeRAD, House Of Hope, Valley Phoenix, First Step House, DCFS, Drug Court and many more. She currently sits on the Parent Advisory Board for
Safe Babies with DCFS. She has shared her recovery journey with her husband and now five children (Four boys and one baby girl). They fought as a family to live a better, sober life and live with gratitude everyday that they get to do it together.

Haliegh is currently working on her licensing for cosmetology and schooling for master esthetics. She is enjoying finishing something she started before using took it away. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and kids. She also enjoys doing anything outdoors: boating, hiking, camping, gardening and going on walks with her family. Some of her favorite places include Lake Powell, Lagoon and any other adventures with her family. She also enjoys being able to find some peace at her dad’s cabin, the family favorite adventure! She is also very creative and enjoys sharing a love for all things art and creativity with her husband and children. This includes drawing, painting, wire wrapping and many other craft projects.

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